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Layam Cultural Events and Training Pvt Ltd " is an Indian company created in 2010 by Françoise Calvel and Eric Dujoncquoy who reside in Trivandrum since the end of 2007.

"Layam" means "fusion" in malayalam, the company thus wishes to integrate the West and the East, both in the artistic as well as cultural realm.

With the strength of 26 years of experience, in the West in the field of the live performance, Françoise multitasks within the company as comedien, director, professor of theater as well as creator of events.

Eric an experienced director of summer camps is also now bursar ie: he ably manages the accounting and logistic part of the company.

"Layam" intervenes in several schools of Trivandrum today to instruct children on the wonders of  theater.

Françoise also organizes regular professional artistic internship training courses with French nationals eager to learn the traditional arts such as Kathakali, Mohini Attam, Kûttyattam, Kalaripayat, carnatic music, tâblas, Nagaswaram etc.Their main aim being to discover these traditional arts, and to alleviate them to an international audience. 

Françoise and Eric do constantly meet, listen and collaborate with artists and local craftsmen, to sincerely create a "fusion" and a new vision in the international artistic arena.


About our Show: "Once upon a time..."

 The choice to create a family show as the first  professional show in India, aimed at both children and for their parents, has been an amazing experience for Françoise Calvel. Right from the birth of the concept and the gruelling practices that followed Françoise has derived immense pleasure from this whole enterprise. 

    The story of "Once upon a time…" is a very free adaptation of the  well known and well loved tale of " The Sleeping Beauty ".

    However, even if the story and the frame are identical, the characters, themselves, are completely original. Freely inspired by the characters of the Commedia dell'arte courtesy  Françoise Calvel. The  heroes turn into anti-heroes, with their vices and their virtues and hold up an effective mirror to the spectators.

    The text was completely created in English to be more easily produced in India, and to allow  Indian comedians the freedom to interpret it to suit their individual artistic capabilities.
    The  techniques of theater used here are: the mask of the Commedia dell'arte, clown, the puppet, the dressed up play, martial art of kalaripayat , dance forms like kathak, pantomime and music. 
    There will be two comediennes on the set who will interpret 14 characters!
Both comediennes will work with a master of Kalaripayat to settle the various fights, and the whole show will use a musical directory vibrant with a very wide selection of classical international contemporary music.
    The music of " Once upon a time " is an integral part of the creation of the text, it gives rhythm to the show, supports the feelings and highlights the dramatic play.
    Costumes are entirely created for the show, in correspondence with certain puppets, conceived specifically for the event.


Trailer of "Once Upon a Time..."


Françoise Calvel
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 "Once upon a time..."

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